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B.E Year I

Subject Code Subject
M-11011 Myanmar
E-11011 English
EM-11001 Engineering Mathematics I
E.Ch-11011 Engineering Chemistry
E.Ph-11011 Engineering Physics
McE-11011 Indrotuction to Mechatronics I
ME-11011 Basic Engineering Drawing

B.E Year II

Subject Code Subject
E-21011 English
EM-21003 Engineering Mathematics III
McE-21016 Engineering Circuit Analysis I
McE-21012 Factory Control Engineering I
McE-21015 Engineering Mechanic I
ME-21012 Workshop Technology

B.Tech Year III

Subject Code Subject
E-3011 English
EM-3011 Engineering Mathematics
ME-3031 Design of Machine Elements
McE-3034 Thermodynamics and Strength of Materials
ME-3015 Dynamics of Machinery
EcE-3015 Microprocessor
McE-3012 Integrated Electronics
McE-3013 Modeling and Control

B.Tech Year IV

Subject Code Subject
E-4011 English
EM-4011 Engineering Mathematics
ME-4028 Industrial Management
McE-4013 Modern Control System
IT-4036 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
McE-4032 Robotic Analysis
ME-4019 Computer Application in Mechanical Engineering I
EcE-4012 Power Electronics


Subject Code Subject
E-5011 English
ME-5028 Industrial Engineering
EcE-5013 Digital Signal Processing
McE-5037 Discrete Time Control System
McE-5011 System Design and Microcontroller
IT-5016 Computer Graphics and Applications
McE-5017 Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks